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About the Demo Show

Jack and Hank have been doing theater-sized Physics demonstration shows since 1995 for a large range of audiences. Most often you will find them at elementary and middle schools working with groups of two to three hundred students and their teachers along with any parents that choose to attend. They also work for professional organizations at large group meetings most often as the entertainment at their closing banquet. Their goal is to help their audiences see that physics is understandable, interesting and yes even fun. They often refer to their show as edutainment and have worked hard at producing a program that is large scale, full of energy, humorous and educational along with some audience participation that adds to the fun. They can construct shows to fit a topic, fit a time slot (45 min to and hour or even longer) and be appropriate for any age group.

This show is a version of the “Physics Circus” from the University of Minnesota  that requires 5 to 6 people, a large stage along with a furniture truck to transport.  Jack and Hank helped develop the Physics Circus and have performed in it every year since its first performance in 1990.  The Jack and Hank show is transported in a utility van and can be set up in any auditorium, gymnasium or large meeting room.  The show has been performed for as many as 600 people or as few as 50.

The Physics Force show has been performed throughout Minnesota, in South Dakota, Wisconsin, two engagements at Disney World in Florida, and three times traveled to Germany to perform for the television show “Knoff Hoff” which is similar to the PBS show “Newton’s Apple” here in the United States. The show was also featured on “Newton’s Apple” in the early 1990’s.  The pair performs annually at the Minnesota State Fair, and draws large crowds on a walk-by basis.

In order to book a show, follow the link to Booking and Preparing for a Show where details are given. To see more about the show check out Demo Show Pics & Videos.