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Demo Show Pics & Videos

Check Out the New Video: Break the Stick, Not the Glasses!

As the stick is broken quickly, one center of mass becomes two. Each piece rotates around its own center of mass. The laws of physics save us from having to replace our expensive wine glassware. Want to know more about this demo? Get all the Demo Details.

Collisions don’t always produce damage even if they occur at the same speed. It depends on the amount of time things have to come to rest. Get all the Demo Details.

This video was produced by Jessica Williams a teacher from the Menomonee Indian Reservation School System. She used film shot from one of the six shows Jack and Hank performed over three days for students in first grade through high school.

More Demo Mania …¬†

To get a feel for what we do, view pictures from some of our favorite Physics Force shows. Click the thumbnail to see a larger image.