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The Demo Show DVD

Get a DVD of all our best demonstrations!

It’s the original cast, it’s an hour long, it contains slow motion segments and it is great for kids. Over 1,500 copies have been sold with our best customers being parents, home schooling families, elementary teachers and of course science teachers.

Left to right: Hank Ryan Aaron Pinski Dan Dahlberg     Fred Orstad   Jon Barber   Jack Netland

When Chad Leech of Friend, Nebraska, asked his kids what movie they wanted to see, they said: “We want to watch those funny old smart guys!” Some of us are old (Hank, Jack and Jon), our show is a lot of fun and we are all physics teachers.

How do I order a “Physics Circus” DVD?

It’s easy! Just download this order form (.pdf). Print the form and mail it to us with your payment of $17.00 per copy, and we’ll send one out to you as soon as possible.

Sequence of Topics and Demonstrations

Sound and Waves

  1. Audience Wave
  2. Antinode Jumping
  3. Hoot Tubes
  4. Sewer Pipe Music

Air Pressure

  1. Plunger and Plexiglass
  2. Marshmallow Shoot
  3. Ping Pong Cannon
  4. Chair Lift
  5. Magdeburg Swing
  6. Tug of War
  7. Boiling Bulb
  8. Crush a Barrel

Bernoulli Effect

  1. Paper Lift
  2. T.P. the Tree
  3. Floating Beach Ball

Mechanics: Projectile Motion

  1. Ball Drop
  2. Simultaneous Fall
  3. Range of a Cannon
  4. Howitzer and Tunnel
  5. Monkey and Hunter

Mechanics: Collisions

  1. Egg and Plate
  2. Egg and Sheet
  3. Human Rocket

Mechanics: Mass and Inertia

  1. Inertia Balls
  2. Giant Puffer
  3. Woodblock Stack and Hammer
  4. Table Cloth Pull
  5. Hit the Nail on the Head
  6. Bed of Nails