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What Our Audiences Say

This tug-of-war is an effort to pull apart two disks that are held together only by air pressure.

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What a great show!!  Our fifth graders were engaged the whole time.  Good luck with the rest of your performances.

Yesterday’s performance was outstanding! It was my first time bringing my fifth graders and they LOVED it! We reviewed the vocab words you had sent us ahead of time, and the kids were totally enganged throughout the show.

thank you for another excellent performance.

Thanks again and keep it up.

Dear Physics Force, This spring Jack and Hank did a demonstration at Michigan Tech University. I took both my children, but my 5-year-old son was particularly enthralled. Since watching your show, his favorite catch-phrase has become, “It’s physics, man, it’s cool.” He is testing the very limits of my high school physics knowledge and I should probably send a thank you note to my high school physics teacher. My house is now filled with blueprints, marble runs, and Rube Goldberg machines. And I had to break the bad news that I wouldn’t buy him a leaf blower, even if he can tell me that the Bernoulli Effect is the reason he wants one. Anyhow, we’d like to thank you for your fun and informative show.


Amanda Plummer, and Andrew.


Your program was wonderful.  The kids loved it!

The kids had a great time! You put on a wonderful show.

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful opportunity!  I enjoy the presentation a lot, but what is most rewarding to me is the students’ reactions and discussion when we return.  It really does excite them to explore thinking and career paths many would not be exposed to as a possibility.  You do a great service to our youth!  Thank you so much for your work and dedication!

Thank you so much for the awesome performance.  Our students were entertained , amazed and more importantly learned science.

Man, it was FABULOUS!  A great way to get kids interested in science! Thanks a million,

Thank you very much.  Our students enjoyed your show very much.

Thank you so much!!  The 390+ students had a wonderful time!!!

Awesome show! Kids absolutely loved it. It was very organized and entertaining.

Hi, It was great!  Thanks so much for a wonderful academic morning!!!!

Thank you for such a wonderful show.  I am always amazed at how many students you are able to reach with your show!  Thank you for creating this opportunity.

Our Students LOVED the performance, so much that we are going to try to build the “sewer tube” pipe organ ourselves in our classroom for the 4th grade concert. Why not mix a little physics n’ music?!

Thanks for all your work!  As usual, it was fabulous!